With an efficient Rotax fuel injected engine and exceptionally large 130 liter tanks, expect an economy cruise range of close to 2000 km. aerolite 103 glide ratio. Join us. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or need any additional information. Visit our "Energy Solutions" pages to learn more. Prices new are around 120,000. Precision turns were easily done and very enjoyable. With the 18-meter tips, the glide ratio goes up to 56:1 and the rate of sink sinks to 94 feet per minute, giving over 56 minutes of flight before reaching the ground. A 2-seater is usually part of the answer. With retractable gear and an in-flight adjustable propeller, its maximum cruise speed tops out at 200 knots (370 km/h) TAS. We are the original liferaft leader, providing world-leading liferaft servicing and supply solutions to the energy industries. Hopefully, there will be a few second-hand ones on the market in a few years. -Editor.
    With Vne at 75 mph, the Aero-Lite 103 will run only 63 mph in level flight, exactly as proscribed by Part 103. Now, personally, Im not a yoke enthusiast. What happened to Paradise? Has 447 Rotax engine and Powerfin prop. Filed Under: Aerolite 103, U-Fly-It, UF Pilot Report Tagged With: 3-Axis 1-Place, Fixed Wing Aircraft. Wide main gear stance sure to help in some situations. The ultralight segment in General Aviation is one of the few spaces within aviation that has not been completely over regulated. Whatever the correct answer, it doesnt change the fact of a growing population of Part 103 ultralights. Our liferaft and mass evacuation systems offer you the most advanced Survival Technology, coupled with superior aftermarket care. Price: USD 17.9. As the worlds largest supplier of Inflatable Life Saving Systems, we can design and manufacture even the most progressive visions. flight reporter Dan Johnson pays plenty of attention to the distinctive features of a new ultralight (the throttle, in this instance). We run many training courses for our in-house and third-party service technicians to help ensure they remain up-to-date with the latest best practice servicing standards. Cons About all I might complain about is the lack of slower flap response due to a crank input. [UPDATE spring 2014] The Aerolite 103 is now manufacturered in Deland, Florida by U-Fly-It, the contact info for which is located at the end of this article. Tricycle gear, 2si 460F-35 engine with belt reduction drive, yoke and rudder pedals 3-axis control, steerable nosewheel, twist grip throttle, nondifferential mechanical drum brakes, flaps, removable strut-braced wings, pilot fairing and windshield, instruments (altimeter, airspeed, tach, EGT, CHT, slip/skid indicator), 3-blade nylon prop, 4-point pilot restraint, 6-inch aluminum wheels, landing gear leg flex suspension, all covering materials (including paint) included. This aircraft comes in both taildragger and nose wheel configuration, with the taildragger version being slightly faster. Standard tanks are 140 liter giving it considerable range. Since it isnt allowed to be a speed demon, the Aero-Lite 103 uses its power for other useful purposes. Shock absorption is limited to landing gear leg flex and air in the tires. View our range, designed to protect all aboard. cookielawinfo-checbox-analytics. Also known as oxygen ratio. The last ultralight I flew with such a throttle arrangement was the Javelin (see Pilots Report Catching the Javelin, June 96 UF!). Easy activation due to highly reliable single point activation system. The slower cruise speed and slightly higher fuel burn might be worth it for the comfort the CTLSi has a 1.24 meter wide cabin which is the same size as a Cessna 182. Dennis Carley is scheduled to fly the all-electric Aerolite 103 at Paradise City at 7:15 am on Wednesday, and hopefully other times thereafter. The design appears to be enjoying great interest and support at this time. Written exclusively for enthusiasts like you, our editors pack each issue with need-to-know information on building, flying, designing and maintaining your own amateur-built category manned . used 2017 honda pioneer 1000 for sale; how to threaten someone and scare them The bird comes complete with a 35-hp, twin-cylinder 460F-35 2-stroke engine from 2 Stroke International in Beaufort, South Carolina (an updated engine once widely known as the Cuyuna). Steve is also working on a Van's RV-8A which he swears will be completed on (a) Thursday. London, Ground handling during taxi operations as well as takeoff and landing phases is excellent, thanks to a closely coupled nosewheel and main gear brake system. Besides the FireFly, I can count other recent Part 103 ultralights such as the Sky Raider, Air-Bike, Aventura, 1/2 Tun, Flitplane, Hurricane Ultra 103, Javelin and Tornado 103. Empty weight for the aircraft is 297 kg. It is eligible for these higher weights after the 475.5 kg limit is lifted. You climb out at 40 mph and approach at 40 to 50 mph, depending on conditions. Dave: Please make sure you direct your question to U-Fly-It, manufacturer of the Aerolite 103. Would the Aerolite 103 be a good fit? Contact us,

    Optimised environmental protection designed for your passengers and crew.

    Subscribe to Kitplanes. Raber is quick to acknowledge he borrowed from others who preceded him. 4.54 lbs / sq. If you are already a Survitec partner, you can access the tools you need on this page. It is our responsibility to ensure those who rely on our solutions continue to trust us for their Survival Technology needs and feel well-protected if the worst happens. Suspension is provide by the main landing gear. , Vs (stall, flaps retracted) 24 knots , Vs (stall, flaps extended) 23 knots, Fuel Consumption 2-4.5 US Gallons / hour , Va (design maneuvering speed) 50 mph. [6][12] In 2021 an electric aircraft option was added as the manufacturer offered a complete electric drivetrain and up to four batteries as an alternative to gasoline powerplants. If you unexpectedly find yourself overboard, you'll be thankful for having our man overboard products available to bring you back to safety. Visit our "Support" pages for access to our latest materials. Take this aircraft with you anywhere. The fuel tanks will carry 92 litres which is a bit over 4 hours endurance or 1200 km. We offer a range of height safety products, including innovative turbine evacuation solutions. Dennis sees this as uncharted territory. Aerolites 5 & 10 Include accessible emergency packs to provide essential survival aid. Pros Refreshing new strutted design, incorporating the best of several popular ultralights. Kit sales are currently backlogged for a period of 4 months. Get Your Aerolite 103 Hats Here! Aerolite 103 Large Seat Option. How much Flight Time is that with that Part 103 configuration? Several inches of ground clearance will help on rougher fields. Its MTOW of 600 lbs = 272.1554 kg / 10 kg = 27.21554 kw is needed = 36.49664 hp needed! Adequate power for energized takeoff rolls. Brakes are nondifferential. The companies are different and Terry Raber has no association with Wings of Freedom. Find out why for the past 166 years, we have been at the forefront of innovation, design and engineering, creating safety and survival solutions for our customers across the globe. Prices for the aircraft new are around 130,000. Ballistic parachute, factory-assembled option. Aerolite 103 Assembled and ready to fly. On a hour-long flight, the Aero-Lite 103 proved to be a worthy member of the ultralight fleet. , Vy (best rate of climb) 45 mph. Other engine options are available, including Rotax 447 and 503, Kawasaki 440, Hirth F23, etc. New sails, windshield, fuel tank, tires, etc. Training is a fundamental part of business operations. Takeoffs are quick and landings are short in the Aero-Lite 103. Empty weight is 284 kg with the possibility to fly it at 600 kg under the new regulation. Ensuring vessels remain on time is your priority, and therefore our priority. [3][14], On 15 September 2019, former NASCAR driver Mike Stefanik was killed in the crash of an Aerolite 103 at Riconn Airport near Greene, Rhode Island. News & Video on Light-Sport Aircraft, Sport Pilot Kits, and Ultralight Aircraft, August 12, 2011 by Dan Johnson 4 Comments. The Rans S-12 Airaile is a family of related American single-engined, pusher configuration, high-wing monoplanes designed by Randy Schlitter and manufactured by Rans Inc.The aircraft are available in kit form for amateur construction.. Production of the S-12S Airaile, S-14 Airaile, S-17 Stinger and S-18 Stinger II was ended as part of Rans' extensive reorganization of its product line on 1 . Took quite a lot of back pressure to hold steep turns. We offer an extensive portfolio of market-leading products. Good luck! Get Your Aerolite 103 Hats Here! There are legal Part 103 ultralights (self-launching sailplanes that meet ultralight speed and weight limits under US regulations) that have glide ratio well above 30:1, and there are commercially sold motor gliders that have glide ratio as low as (as I recall) about 26:1. United Kingdom, Enough on the regulations and back story, lets look at some incredible aircraft. You see? Which way do you twist? These sails are guaranteed to fit properly. Stall recovery and characteristics; Dampening; Spiral stability; Adverse yaw qualities. (Link to POH). Six-inch aluminum wheels give secure contact. Cruise Speed (2) 45-63 mph. Normal Cruise speed for the aircraft is a modest 112 knots. Note the Hall wind speed meter to the left and just outside the enclosure. I have no complaint with the hardware or execution; I simply dont like twist grips on ultralight throttles. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Analytics". since new. Every aspect of your critical flight functions delivered with complete confidence all over the world, Equipment designed specifically for your crew and mission profiles, We offer a unique total through-life service focussed on the complete supply chain management of all facets of military marine based safety, Survitec is the authority on submarine escape technology, having introduced the worlds first full body submarine escape suit in 1952, The Inflatable Walls System is a new solution that will enable law enforcement and military to meet critically important training objectives, Extensive Survival Technology solutions for the emergency services including fire, police, SAR and ambulance. You must also look to see how far you moved them, whereas a lever system generally can be operated without looking at the surfaces. If the Stream is not ridiculously fast enough for you and you prefer sitting side by side with your passenger, consider the Czech produced VL3. But, in fact, many industry watchers are wrong. All sail orders are on custom fabricated basis. Pros Precise steering combined with brakes make for simple ground handling. #20. We have an extensive range of products, services and management solutions that meet your regulatory requirements so your vessel can sail. With extended tanks, the aircraft can hold 91 litres, giving 7.5 hours endurance and range of 850 nautical miles (1575 km). Visit our "Brochure Page" to view our extensive range of brochure materials. We tryto regularly attend regional shows like the Arlington Fly-In, and Rocky Mountain Fly-In. Kitplanes.com and the Kitplanes logo are protected properties under international copyright law. When those retractable gear come up and the in-flight adjustable propeller coarsens, this machine will cruise right up to 163 knots (302 km/hour) while only consuming 20L/hour of modern auto fuel with a Rotax 912 100 hp engine. He learned to fly in 1980 and has adopted a 1968 Skyhawk (your Grandma could fly it). Stall Speed, Clean 28 mph. Speeds dropped down to 25 mph according to the on-board Hall wind speed meter (usually an accurate device).
, Highest Approval Standards Meeting UK CAA, EASA and FAA specifications, Multi-platform for carrying on any fixed or rotary wing aircraft, Proven reliability through testing in emergency situations, including search and rescue, Easy activation due to highly reliable single point activation system, An automatic canopy with minimum user intervention ensures optimum environmental protection, Aerolites 10 & 30 ensure raft transit protection due to a strong hardened container, Aerolites 5 & 10 Include accessible emergency packs to provide essential survival aid. Find out about who we are, what we do, and meet the people who work every day to protect lives. High performance integrated solutions to maximise aircrew safety across all fast jet ejection seat platforms. Also, what is the weight of the motor package? Since then, quite a few more offerings have flown onto the scene. These allow for slightly faster cruise speed and easier storage. 600 lbs. The Aero-Works Aerolite 103 is an American single seat, high-wing, pusher configuration ultralight aircraft, designed by Terry Raber and introduced by Aero-Works, Inc, of Millersburg, Ohio, in 1997. Pros The value provided by the Aero-Lite 103 is so good it makes many other ultralights look expensive. Typical takeoff is about 40 mph and approaches are 40-50, an adequately slow range for a Part 103 ultralight. Debut model was one of the best first efforts Ive seen, especially for a new company. We are a fast-moving business with plenty of updates to share. Aero-Works Aerolite 103 (MSFS 2020) Aero-Works Aerolite 103 Ultralight Aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. [13], Since its introduction the Aerolite 103 has won many awards, including:[5], In December 2004 the company reported that 150 aircraft were flying, the majority as unregistered US ultralights. If (4) Battery packs might give you maybe (1 hr), what does (2) give you? This is not a pie in the sky claim from the manufacturer and scores of first time builders have proven it to be true. We protect people in the most extreme environments, across air, land and sea. Its sleek wings and aerodynamic fuselage afford it a high cruise speed of 131 knots (243 km/h). ALL YOU NEED The simple and somewhat RANS-like instrument panel holds all the essential instruments. Two-seaters do represent the majority of ultralights and microlights sold. Aerolite kits and plans starting at $11,500. [8][9], The aircraft was designed to meet the requirements of FAR 103 Ultralight Vehicles, including maximum 254lb (115kg) empty weight. Kindly need some guidance. Several years ago the rights to the design were purchased by Dennis Carley of U Fly It in Deland Florida, and theAerolite 103is now available as a ready to fly, turn key, part 103 ultralight. www.ballisticparachutes.com. Aerolite 21" Carry On Ultra Lightweight Large Capacity Maximum Allowance 22x14x9 Airline Large Capacity Maximum Allowance 22x14x9 Built-in Large Capacity Maximum Allowance 22x14x9 Airline 22x14x9 Airline Approved United Delta Southwest Aerolite 22x14x9" Hard shell Suitcase Spinner Large Capacity Maximum Allowance 22x14x9 Luggage While many observers make the statement, Ninety percent of ultralights are 2-seaters, statistics tell another story. Plain and simple, Raber has made the Aero-Lite 103 an excellent value. AEROLITE 103 (248) 462-9338 One week build at Oshkosh Check out this great EAA video Social Aerolite 103 Build Assist New Video Hayes Aero Builders Assist I just wanted to share a few pictures and my awesome experience with everyone on my builders assist program with Rick Hayes on my Aerolite 103. I carry it in my Subaru. And sometimes when you wonder if theres any hope for success, out of the blue comes the solution? With the F33 (28hp) Electric Start its 235 lbs + 220 lbs +30 lbs of Gas = 485 lbs = 219.9923 kg / 10 kg = 21.99923 kw needed = 29.50145 hp is needed to Fly well. [UPDATE summer 2011] Aero-Works, the company referred to in this article written in 1997, left the business several years ago. Links are found in the article. The main landing gear utilizes sprung-tubes for suspension and absorbing landing loads. Canada, covering Canadian Ultralight Aviation. flight reporter Dan Johnson prepares to enter the Aero-Lite 103. Visit our "What Our Customers Say" page to learn more. Pros Surprising number of standard systems for a Part 103 ultralight: flaps, brakes, 3-blade nylon prop, 4-point pilot restraint harness, etc. Specifications (Aerolite 103 with Rotax 447), "The Wonderful World of Ultralights at AirVenture", "Sun 'N Fun 2021: Aerolite 103 Gets Electric Propulsion", "NASCAR Champ Mike Stefanik Killed In Ultralight Crash", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Aero-Works_Aerolite_103&oldid=1094085593, Short description is different from Wikidata, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, AirVenture 1998 - Reserve Grand Champion Ultralight, Sun 'n Fun 1999 - Grand Champion Ultralight, AirVenture 1999 - Grand Champion Ultralight, This page was last edited on 20 June 2022, at 17:24. Dacron, many of them from the original OEM sail patterns. Turn diameter was quite good. Which way to raise? Eliminate the risk of explosion on your vessel with SOLAS-compliant solutions from Maritime Protection, our inert gas specialists. This efficiency comes down to aerodynamics the Virus SW (short wing) comes from a pedigree of sailplanes. 4th Floor Visit our "Contact Us" page to find the information you need. ZootSuit9682 November 24, 2020, 2:55am #4. Cons Too airy for cold climates, but Raber promises a full enclosure next year (though this may not be available under Part 103 weight). just egg commercial actors,
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